How to Boost Home Wifi?

At Phone Data Points we know the best ways to enhance Wi-Fi signal for your home to drastically improve your home internet speed and connectivity.

Types of Wi-Fi enhancers

There are three main ways to increase the range, strength, and connectivity of your Wi-Fi signal at home. 

1. Wi-Fi Extenders

Wi-Fi extenders rebroadcast your wireless signal on a different channel to create a stronger wireless connection to other areas of your home. Using an extender also comes with the advantage of a lower chance of interference as it can connect directly to your router and modem through an Ethernet cord or coaxial cable.

2. Wi-Fi Repeaters

Repeaters function in the same way as an extender,  by using the same method of grabbing the existing Wi-Fi signal and then rebroadcasting to expand coverage. The main difference with a repeater is that you’ll only get half of the available bandwidth at a higher latency. This is due to it connecting on the same frequency as your router.

3. Wi-Fi Boosters

Wi-Fi Boosters are the blanket name for Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi repeaters. 

Multiple, smaller routers create what is known as a Mesh Wi-Fi network which acts as a booster by creating a network of wireless signals across your home.

How Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work?

To enhance Wi-Fi signal at home, your best course of action is to install a Wi-Fi signal extender. Wi-Fi signal extenders connect your device to your internet router. This works by grabbing the existing, oftentimes weak Wi-Fi signal and then rebroadcasting the connection to a different, stronger channel. This is one of the most effective ways to enhance Wi-Fi signal and connectivity. Homes that span over multiple floors or are long in length, will benefit greatly from a Wi-Fi signal extender.

It is important to get the positioning of your Wi-Fi signal extender right. As a general rule, the best position in your home for your Wi-Fi extender is close enough to your router for it to receive a signal, and far enough away that the signal can be transmitted throughout your entire home. At Phone Data Points, our expert technicians will analyse the size of your home and position your Wi-Fi extender so that your internet connection is fast and reliable. If you’re looking to enhance the internet speed or connectivity within your home, get in contact with the Phone Data Points team. Give us a call on 0400 443 545, or alternatively, fill out our online contact form and one of our internet specialists will be in touch.

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