Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19), many organisations are expecting their employees to work from home. As millions of people and students are working and learning from home, this unprecedented situation has put a lot of stress on networking technologies, causing bandwidth issues and Wi-Fi concerns. 

We Can Help!

Phone Data Points understands how important high-speed internet connectivity is and has been working hard to keep it in good shape. We are taking required measures to ensure that our network withstands increased usage of internet and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the day. Though our existing connectivity speed will be able to accommodate the increased usage, we will pay close attention to things and make necessary upgrades if required. So, we are confident that we can manage the increased usage of Wi-Fi by people working from home. 

We Keep Our Customers and Our Employees Safe!

We prioritise the health and well-being of our customers and employees and are strictly following the advice and rules imposed by the Australian Health Department. We have already taken steps to minimise the amount of work to be carried out inside our customer’s home. However, if it is required to enter a customer’s home, we will follow certain precautionary measures and they are as follows:

  • When inside your home, we will strictly follow social distancing advice.
  • We will check with you and our technicians to make certain that they don’t have any flu-like symptoms. 
  • We provide anti-bacterial hand wipes, sanitiser gels and gloves as hygiene measures for customer-meeting workers.

If you feel that your Wi-Fi speed is low while using work applications such as video conferencing or streaming movies, give us a call on 0400 443 545. We continue to extend and upgrade our network to deliver fast, reliable and consistent internet connectivity.

Get a Call Back !

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