Commercial Data Cabling

Whether you’re an office, a corporate building, or a commercial property, there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow and unreliable internet connection. Our experienced team at Phone Data Points specialise in providing our commercial clients with high-quality cabling installation. From fibre optic, to voice and data, our team is highly trained in implementing all types of data cabling so your connection is stable and fast. To ensure your connection is superior and free from dropout issues, we use CAT10 optical fibre cables.

Expert Data Cable Technicians

We’re proud to offer NBN cable installation, ensuring you have peace of mind that your business is well-connected to the NBN. Here at Data Phone Points, we have a team of expert commercial data cabling technicians who have many years of experience working with structured cabling. Our team will get the job done efficiently so your business can enjoy a strong internet connection that runs at a high speed.

Our team of data cabling technicians are proficient in ethernet cabling within the office, troubleshooting various internet issues, and NBN relocations. If you have trouble with your internet connection once it is set up, we have the knowledge to investigate any issues and identify a solution. Where needed, we are also available to perform data cable repair services.

We understand that there can be roadblocks when setting up your business’ internet. In some cases, the optimal installation method isn’t always the most plausible. This is when our technicians are happy to step in and find a solution that is suitable for you. The Phone Data Points team are extremely knowledgeable in installations and are always ready to provide a service that is highly adaptable to your needs.

If you’re looking for structured cabling installations or would like to know more about NBN cabling requirements, simply get in touch with the Phone Data Points team. We offer installation service consultations for businesses that are looking to improve their phone and internet connections.

You can speak to a friendly representative on 0400 443 545, or simply fill out our contact form online.

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