Wi-Fi Enhancement

Offices and commercial spaces sometimes require more bandwidth to accommodate internet requirements. This could be because the location has multiple levels and a large network, therefore requiring a faster internet speed and range. At Phone Data Points we know how to enhance Wi-Fi signal. Phone Data Points will ensure your office has improved internet speed and connectivity, in order for your business to run smoothly.

The Types of Wi-Fi enhancers

Aside from the Wi-Fi extender, you may have also come across the Wi-Fi repeater and Wi-Fi booster. All three of these products have the same goal, which is to act as an internet Wi-Fi booster. Each Wi-Fi enhancer increases the range and strength of your wireless signal in slightly different ways.

Wi-Fi extender

A Wi-Fi extender will grab the existing wireless signal and rebroadcast it on a different channel to create a stronger wireless internet connection in other areas of your office. There is also a lower chance of interference as it can connect your router and modem through the use of an Ethernet cord or coaxial cable.

Wi-Fi repeater

This is considered to be a ‘first-generation’ extender as it functions using the same method of grabbing the existing signal and then rebroadcasting it. The main difference is that you’ll only get half of the available bandwidth at a higher latency due to it connecting your router wireless on the same frequency.

Wi-Fi booster

Wi-Fi booster is a blanket term used for Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi repeaters. Mesh Wi-Fi networks act as a booster by using multiple, smaller routers to create a network of wireless signals in your commercial space.

How Do Wi-Fi extenders Work?

A Wi-Fi extender operates as a Wi-Fi signal booster between your internet-connected device and your router. The Wi-Fi extender will grab the existing Wi-Fi signal and rebroadcast the connection to a different channel in order to create a stronger connection. This will help provide a wider range of wireless signals, ensuring the connection spans over multiple floors within the office space.

Knowing where to set up your Wi-Fi extender can be tricky as it needs to be installed close enough to your router for the signal to be detected and far enough away so that the signal can be rebroadcast to multiple areas within a large commercial space. This is a challenge that Phone Data Points are always ready to take on so you, your staff and visitors can enjoy an internet connection that is fast and reliable.

If you’re looking to give your office or commercial space better internet speed or connectivity, get in touch with the Phone Data Points team. Simply call us on 0400 443 545, or alternatively fill out our online contact form and one of our internet specialists will be in touch.

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